Smart Tug Operations Conference

September 16, 2019

<br>Smart Tug Operations Conference


Whether your goals are to increase your market share, launch a new product, increase your brand awareness or penetrate a new market sector, the Smart Tug Operations Conference will deliver your message to key decision makers.

Conference sponsorship represents an unrivalled opportunity to engage with your target audience in a focused setting.

This enables association with the 'Tug Technology & Business' brand, which represents a trusted guide and partner to decision-makers across all organisations needing strategic and timely information on this sector.

Networking and business opportunities: this event will foster crucial senior-level contacts and relationships.

A broader range of sponsorship opportunities means that we have the package to suit your needs and your budget.

If you are interested in sponsoring at the Smart Tug Operations Conference, please contact:

Kym Tan
+65 6809 3098
Indrit Kruja
+44 20 8370 7792


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